Smile Now Photo Booth and Candy Bouquets

To help us express our appreciation for all the guests who attend the Ultimate Utah Wedding, Smile Now Photo Booth will be providing the favors for our guests. The favors will be red and white candy to complement the Utah theme.


About Smile Now Photo Booths

What is so unique about Smile Now!…Photo Booths? We make it easy for your guests to celebrate right along with you! As well as get a sugary treat to take home! There are a lot of things to worry about when planning a wedding. How to entertain your guests shouldn’t be one of them. Smile Now Photo Booths helps alleviate the burden of making sure guests have a good time, and the worry of “what to do for favors”. Our photo booths provides hours of smiles and laughs all while creating the wedding memories that will last forever. And, because our booths provide two copies of every delightful memory caught on film, guests leave your wedding with a cherished favour and you both have a copy of something that lasts forever! Unique candy & dessert buffets allow the couple to share their favourite treats with the guests!

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